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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Book Release - A Heads Up.

You probably have notice the blog frequency has been a bit light of lately. I wanted to let all of you know that this is because I have been working on a book project entitled the “Audio Production Resource Guide”.

Who is this guide for?
Musicians, audio producers, podcasters, filmmakers, web developers, video game creators, multimedia designers, students / teachers and anyone that has a need or interest in using audio in their productions.

What is in the guide?
Equipment & software resources, productivity & creativity hacks, audio apps, file management, DIY projects, sound design tips, plug in's and lots more.

Finishing touches are being done and the book should be going live in 4 weeks.

Cover A                           Cover B

 Cover C                           Cover D

How about the cover?

I need your feedback far as the cover is concerned. Let me know which cover layout do you think is the best? How about a background color? Better or worse?

Any suggestions? Get contributor credit:
What expectations would you have on a book of this type? What topics would you expect to see covered? I would be very anxious to hear. Feel free to contact me to make this guide more comprehensive. Any useful suggestions that are used will get you  a contributor credit in the book. 

Leave me a reply to this post or email
me at tripleadudeblogspot@gmail.com.  Use this email link here: Contact Me

Your email information is secure and will never be shared. So put a topic in the subject line and let me hear from you.

Bookmark us and s
tay tuned for some sneak peeks & free bonus content as we get closer to the release.

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  1. Sounds Great! Can't wait fort the release. Cover B has my vote

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.