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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Artistic Inspiration Links Part II

Top of the list go-to site. Hundreds of artists sorted by category tab on main page: Most viewed, most liked, most commented, most rated. More art can be found on the forums tab. Forums are broken up by categories as well: Sketchbook, fine art, entertainment design, finished art, 3D etc..

Graphic design, animation and
photography are in the Forum tab under“Other art and artwork”


Don't let the name fool you. Hundreds of artists sorted by month. New ones added every month and archive button lets you view by month. Started in July of 2010 and still going strong

Fairly new on the scene compared to the other sites but has pro work galore!
Artist tab – over 570 artist. 16 choices per page.

20 categories of artistic styles with quite possibly thousands of artist. Deviant art has been around since 2000 and boasts over 1.4 million favorites and 1.5 million comments. The site use to be the place for semi professional work but has gained in popularity with professional artists. As of 2011 it ranked as the 13th largest social media site. Quality of the work on Deviant art however can vary wildly. You may want to stick with the “Whats Hot” tab.

These sites have something for everyone but
keep posted for a more inspiration and concept art news.


Part I of Artistic Inspiration can be found here:

Bonus - Get 20% off the best book on character design ever, right here:

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