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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Virtual Manikin: 6 Apps for Artists (Free and Pay)

 Back in the day if you wanted to draw people from life you either, went outside and sketched people as they walk by or attended a life drawing session with a live model. If neither scenario was an option you either had to draw from photo's (flat) or you were stuck with the old wooden manikin,

Thanks to new technology you have another option.
Have you check out virtual manikins apps? 

Check out the links below:

Mara 3D Free lite version:
2 Models: 1 Male, 1 Female

 Full 3D real-time orbiting
- Zoom (in / out) Pan (left /right)
- Beautiful Real-time dynamic lighting

Mara 3D Male Anatomy
6 Models. 4 Layer Modes  $2.99
Full 3D real-time orbiting

- Zoom (in / out) Pan (left /right)
- Beautiful Real-time dynamic lighting

Mara 3D Female Anatomy
 6 Models. 4 Layer Modes  $2.99

Full 3D real-time orbiting
- Zoom (in / out) Pan (left /right)
- Beautiful Real-time dynamic lighting


360 Anatomy for Artist: Female

9 Poses. 3 Surface Modes.   $2.99
360 desgree rotation

360 Anatomy for Artist: Male
9 Poses. 3 Surface Modes.   $2.99
360 desgree rotation

One more app:

Pose Tool 3D  
This one allows you to pose the figure.
2 Models: 1 Male, 1 Female    $6.99
2 Surface Modes
3 Point Light System
Zoom, Rotation, Orbit

Virtual manikins can be rotated / viewed to just about any angle.

These were for Android devices but the Bluestacks App Player should allow you to  run on it on Windows /Mac devices:


Hope you find these useful.

See our follow up - "More Apps for Artists" here:

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  1. I have a couple of these on my phone and I find them of limited use. I tried to install Pose Tool 3D on my tablet a few weeks but there was some sort of problem and I could not get it to install - very frustrating. It may be that I need to free up some memory...

    Another option for desktop/laptop is Daz3D. The software and basic figures are free to download. The figures are infinitely poseable, fully orbital and zoomable viewing and multiple light sources to arrange. Very useful. http://daz3d.com/

    1. I've used Mara with no issues. Some apps can be iffy when it comes to processing power and memory. I've also found that if they recommend a certain version of OS or higher, you have to follow the recommendations.

      Will definitely have to check out Daz3D!

      Thanks for the feedback Scott.

  2. Thanks for the response. Have you seen our prior post of free ("stuff") software for the holidays? Check it out.

    A few more recommendations of apps for artists are coming, Stay tuned!

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