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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Free (Open Source) Animation Software

It’s been a while folks. Sorry for the downtime. Have been working on some interesting side projects (more on that soon).

A recurring question many people ask is about animation & art software that is free or low cost. Compiled here is a short list which hopefully will be of help.

Blender: http://www.blender.org/ 
Open Source 3d modeling and animation program that rivals 3D Max and Maya.
For Windows, Linux and OSX.

Synfig Studio
: http://www.synfig.org/cms/
Vector based 2d animation program that supports multiple layers, filters, gradients and more. For Windows, Linux and OSX. Terrific resources as well.
Another 2d animation program that supports bitmap and vector. Has color tools and supports wacom drawing tablets. For Windows, Linux and OSX.

Plastic Animation Paper:
Traditional 2d animation software. Onion skinning, flipping of drawings, X sheet functions. For Windows.
A digital pencil tester / stop motion program. For Windows.

Vector based drawing / paint  program similar to Illustrator. For Windows, Linux and OSX.
Program similar to Photoshop. For OSX (may still be able to find Windows version too).
Free painting and digital illustration application. For Windows, Linux and OSX.

Paint.Net: http://www.getpaint.net/index.html
My go to when you have no access to Photoshop, for photo manipulation and more.

Windows only.
Digital drawing and painting software. Windows only. excellent tool.

Windows Movie Maker:
 http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-live/movie-makerMovie editing software that can import images you can control the frame rate. For Windows.
Similar functionality to Movie Maker but for the Mac and IPad.

Make Human:
A modeling program that specializes in creation of people. For Windows, Linux and OSX.

Check these out. Note that you should be able to export images from the paint programs and then and vary frame rate for animation in the editing programs.

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  1. Paint.Net for Mac-Paint.Net for Mac like MyBrushes, Pinta, and GIMP are some equivalents digital artists can choose to use Paint.Net Mac.

  2. Thanks for the reminder Firoz. Came across Paint.Net after writing this post and now use it all the time. Did the update above.

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