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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Is Hollywood becoming obsolete?

Here is an article from Rolling Stone about the future of Hollywood. Check it out:


If the blockbuster model that Hollywood continues to follow is doomed, what does that mean for creative people wanting to get into the business? Lucas and Spielberg mentioned how hard it was to get Red Tails and Lincoln to the theaters. We are talking the creators of ET, Raider's of the Lost Ark and Star Wars.Wow!

What can be learned by this? The industry is changing. What is the impact of Netflix, Redbox, You Tube and mobile apps having on our entertainment delivery? Spike Lee, Zach Braff, James Franco and other high profile entertainers have turned to crowdfunded sources like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to get projects done.

Could this be an alternate why to get funded and possibly provide a heightened way for marketing. Can social media be a new type of marketing and distribution tool?

Be a content creator, find your demographic and see if crowd-funded sites like the above mentioned might be the answer to get projects done. Do some research on projects that have used these resources. Surround yourself with people skilled to help or use your subject matter expert skills to get the job done. The nice thing is that you still retain the rights for your project.

Proving your can create and produce makes you more of a commodity and a force to be reckoned with. Isn't that what a mogul does?

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Have a Happy New Year everyone!


  1. The old style or good old boys club is becoming a dinosaur , the tactics and protocols of all industries are changing via new ideas, creativity & modern technologies . The computer has changed the way we do business --- it has us doing online classes anywhere in the world, we have instant contact via phones and computers , we have the crowd funding industry taking the selection out of the hands of big conglomerates. Books can now be published online and sent via electronically. Technology is almost surpassing humans in almost every facet of daily life. Man's creative endeavors are being brought to life almost instantly, we have digital 3rd printers that cut models and manufacturing exceeding deadlines and expectations. We as humanity need to evolve; to adapt to tomorrow.

    1. Agreed. We do need to adapt. Perhaps there is hope for future content creators based on the technology you have mentioned.