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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Content Creation and Survival in the Entertainment Business.

I should have prefaced my last post with the importance of ideas and being a content creator. Survival in the entertainment business depends on how prolific you are, the quality of your work and your skills and execution when it comes to production. Most students coming out of school may have talent, know software and be technically proficient but if you can't create quality work you are in trouble.

Some things to consider; global economics and entertainment contracts. Being that our economy is global, one thing you may need to be aware of is outsourcing. You might be competing with others as talented as you are but can work for less.

As far as contracts go, all entertainment companies usually have an IP (intellectual property) clause buried in the small print. That clause states that any idea you create while employed by the company can become the property of said company. What does that mean for you when you sign this contract? You may get a job but the company owns the idea.Whoever owns the idea gets the true rewards. Companies have the means to capitalize on all aspects of an idea once acquired.

One of the great advantages of crowdfunding is that you can get the funds to complete a project without having to give up creative and artistic control.  Even Disney learned a hard lesson about ownership when he lost the rights to Oswald the lucky rabbit:

Check out some projects of all types and categories being created on Kickstarter or Indigogo:

Get inspired. Get creative.Create and produce!

To get you in the mindset, you may want  revisit some of these older posts on becoming a subject matter expert from March and April 2012.

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