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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect - Strength and Weakness

You have done your subject matter research for both inspiration and technical skills. Now comes the time to put all this effort to the test and go for it. Whether it be drawing, 3D modeling, music / audio, programming etc. Whatever your interest is,  just do it. Take the learning and apply it! Don't give up.

The first attempts may not be great but look objectively and see what is wrong. Even better is to have an "authority" critique your work. Have a mentor or instructor do an honest critique. Find a professional industry group on LinkedIn and post your work for feedback. Compare your work to the pro's whose work is online; refer to your inspirational research.

Remember to work at what you are not good at. Our default / safe strategy is to do what we know. You will not get better if you do not work on your weaknesses. Find what you are not good at and practice until you get better. That will make you a more well rounded and quality artist in the end. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice the easier it gets.

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