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Monday, March 26, 2012

Becoming a Subject Matter Expert Part II: Inspiration

Frazetta: A personal source of inspiration

Who is your source of inspiration? What persons work set your mind on overload and got you started thinking about entering this field? For me it was Frank Frazetta and work from other EC Comic geniuses. What are the influence of your idols? Have you ever look into who they are? It's a mind blower to see how those influences have changed and shaped your idols. Do the research to find these sources of inspiration. See if your favorite artist has a site or blog. Blogs reveal the mindset of these artist. This information can possible give you more insight and content expertise to explore. Also it will allow you to see trends and where they might be headed. If you can predict a trend then capitalize on it. You will now have the edge.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Becoming a Subject Matter Expert Part I: Getting Started

Todd Howard -Creator of Fallout
David Jaffe - Creator of Twisted Metal

Tod is also responsible for Elder Scrolls
Sorry folks for being away for a bit. Will try to do better on this. Life as we know can be a bit hectic.

As we know, the nature of business and technology means things are moving at a much faster pace. It is up to ourselves to keep up on the latest advancements and changes. We must be plugged into the right resources to keep ourselves viable. In other words we have to become our own Subject Matter Experts in things relating to our field.

Who are at the top of the field you are trying to get into? If you are a gamer do you know who Tod Howard of David Jaffe are? If you are into audio do you know Jim Stout or Rodney Gates? What about art or programming? Find out who the top people are in the area you are interested in. Start checking credits in the games you play and movies you see. Do these people tweet, have blogs or do tutorials. Blogs and tweets will show you the mind-set of these people and possible give you insight on where the industry might be going. If you want to be in the mix you will have to attain a similar mindset to the people at the top.

More to come.