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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What are the Triple A’s

Hey everyone. I finally took the hint from friends of mind and decided to start a blog.

I asked myself what I could possibly write about being that there are so many neat blogs already out there. The answer was to write about the three things that interested me the most; Animation, Art and Audio. Hopefully I can maybe point some of you to new sources of inspiration as well as to share information and some life lessons that have helped me down the road. Information gained should be information shared, right?

Geez, I’m sounding like an old geezer. You are only as old as you feel, yes? So I choose to be that kid who is still wide eyed with wonder at all the cool things happening around us.

The Triple A promise:
To blog at least 2 or more times a month. Have something of merit and importance to discuss about the Triple A’s. Not to be long winded and pretentious. To maybe un-wrangle some thoughts and ideas and gain perspective about art and life. To give something back for life I’ve been blessed to have.

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