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Monday, November 14, 2011

No Excuses for a Good Education:

     Sometime I hear students lament on schools, instructors and whether they are getting a quality education, which, in the state of the economy today is totally justified. My strategy concerning this would be the follow: 

A. -
With the purchase of any big ticket item you do some research and fact finding. If you were buying a car, TV, or washing machine you would check specs, read reviews, reports and feedback before you made the purchase. Your educational institution is no different. Some things to consider; how long the school has been around? What people of importance have graduated from the institution? What about the teachers? Do they have experience in the field or closely related fields? Does the curriculum reflect changes in the industry? What about school accreditation? Are you get bang for your buck? What about type of degree? Is there additional support for job seeking as you get close to graduation? 

B. - So you are now in your institution of choice. Every teacher has different teaching styles. What is the student consensus concerning instructors? Ask people deeper in the program about who are the best instructors for the different classes. Ask from a diverse group and you will be able to narrow down to a few good choices. Try to arrange to get into those classes with these instructors. Do research on the jobs in the field you want to get into. What skills , software and knowledge is required? Be ready to go deeper and ask question about these area when the classes that teach those subjects come around. 

C. - Take an active part in your education. Courses dealing with technology are always in a state of constant flux because the technology and processes are always subject to change. Have a list resources you can go to that will get you that information. Very often good instructors should point you in the right direction. It can be trade magazines, websites, books etc.. Be on the lookout for info to put you at the top of your game. People in industry don't wait to be told. They are already in the know and teaching themselves new techniques constantly. Work at your craft until it becomes effortless.

One of the best artist I know that made complex drawings look easy and effortless told me his secret once. He lived on a farm with no TV or radio for several years and all he did was draw. No distractions. Find a quiet place to study. Absorb, focus, apply and practice! If this is truly something you want to do, go after it with enthusiasm.

Stay tuned for another tip that will keep your sharp and make you even more employable.

PS – Sorry folks. I try to keep the things as short and to the point as possible. Just being thorough.

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