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Monday, May 14, 2018

ASU Sponsoring Media Classes in June

ASU is sponsoring hands on media classes this June 4th-29th at the Chandler Innovation Center in downtown Chandler, AZ. See below for more details:

Monday, April 30, 2018

Top Ten ways to keep your documentary interesting

The challenge:

My multimedia and film class was given the "Historic Stills" challenge. You can take any subject you  like as long as it has historical significance and you must visually depict your idea using still images. You can use motion and transitions on these images to tell your story as well as text, but no voice overs. Music and sound effects are allowed. Running time was 2-5 minutes and 8 facts must be covered during the presentation.

To help with the project, I did some research and came up with ten tips to keep your documentary interesting. Here it is:

  1. Tell a good story
    Progression / build to an interesting finale / don't lecture, entertain. Don't tell me something I already know. Use your words, pictures and audio to add emotion.Tell a story. Make a point. Stories are inherently power tools for making your ideas stick. Powerful stories are like duct tape for facts.

  2. Choose your audio wisely
    Let it help tell your story. Sound gives you at least 50% or more of your impact, heightens the moment and adds interest.
  1. POV
    Who is telling the story? What is your unique angle?
  1. Find the human angle
    Is there a obstacle / underdog / overcoming of the odds. Present a personal, critical perspective on some aspect of the human condition.
  1. Ask a question
    Sometimes the best way to start your project.
  1. Compare / contrast
    Take your subject and compare  / contrast against something similar.
  1. Use humor / element of surprise
    Is there something funny or unexpected with your story?
  1. Show rather than tell 
    A picture is worth a thousand words. Find ones that are the most effective.
  1. Use movement / transition
    To add impact,..motion = emotion.
  1. Size matters with graphics and text
    Use size to make a point.

    Want  more? Check out these two links:

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Concept Art News Links and More


Big kahuna of concept art news.


Interesting selection of movie / TV and gaming concept art.

A super cool site with tips, resources info, inspiration and more!


Art and news from current and past film / TV productions

One of the top Hollywood concept artists.

A great inspirational site for concept art and character design.
Create an account, do a simple search and save your pins.
You will be amazed.

Digital art techniques courtesy of ImagineFX


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Roberto Rodriguez Interviews Sylvester Stallone

Here is an interesting interview of writer / director, Sylvester Stallone from non other than director Roberto Rodriguez (Desparado Spy Kids, Sin City). Sly discusses how he got started, writing / directing issues,  getting inspired and more. Very thorough, revealing, interesting and insightful.

"The Director's Chair" from the El Rey Network - check out the link below and enjoy.
Rodriguez Interviews Stallone

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Free Stuff for the Holidays IV

Hard to believe that the year is up, but here is a new listing of cool free stuff in time for the New Year.  Our biggest list yet. A little something for everybody.

Inspirational examples of Marvel comic art. Check out this link. Wow!

Excellent examples of digital art by the pros.

Drawing Tutorials
Improve your concept art skills in Photoshop using custom brushes.


A nice selection of comic art drawing tutorials.


Use Google Docs? Want free cool fonts? Get them here:

Web Design / Programming

Here is a resource of free web design / programming ebooks you can download.
A very comprehensive list. Check it out.

3D Models

This free list of models has been updated this year,

Blender or 3DS Max

If you use Blender or 3DS Max, here are some cool resources for you.




Free sample packs from Samplephonics.
Ambient, Cinematic, Experimental...it's all here.


More sample packs and wavetables sounds from Antidote Audio.
Quite a selection! Check it out.


Free VST Instruments sets.
Unique and quite interesting.
Soundtrack creators will love this!

Digital Security

Came across the Wired Guide to Digital Security which is awesome.
Looking to protect yourself? Have a look here:


Enjoy the freebies folks and have a happy New Year!

P.S. - Still need to get a gift
Christmas is over but are you looking for a gift for a friend or family member?
Came across these t-shirts and hoodies that are pretty cool. Check them out:


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