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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Martin Scorsese's 85 Movies Filmmakers need to Know

Here is a tidbit that is generating a buzz. In a Martin Scorsese 4 hour interview with Fast Company, he revealed a list of 85 movies that current filmmakers need to know. Check out the link here:


Here is a link with film excerpts and commentary from the master himself::
Update on Book Status
The Audio Production Resource Guide is moving along very well. The creativity / productivity section is being expanded and a section on songwriting resources is being added.

This book will be a terrific resource for musicians, audio producers, filmmakers, pod-casters, web developers, video game creators, multimedia designers, students / teachers and anyone needing or using audio in their productions.

Look for excerpts bonus material and official release announcements right here. To see original post: Click here 

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Book Release - A Heads Up.

You probably have notice the blog frequency has been a bit light of lately. I wanted to let all of you know that this is because I have been working on a book project entitled the “Audio Production Resource Guide”.

Who is this guide for?
Musicians, audio producers, podcasters, filmmakers, web developers, video game creators, multimedia designers, students / teachers and anyone that has a need or interest in using audio in their productions.

What is in the guide?
Equipment & software resources, productivity & creativity hacks, audio apps, file management, DIY projects, sound design tips, plug in's and lots more.

Finishing touches are being done and the book should be going live in 4 weeks.

Cover A                           Cover B

 Cover C                           Cover D

How about the cover?

I need your feedback far as the cover is concerned. Let me know which cover layout do you think is the best? How about a background color? Better or worse?

Any suggestions? Get contributor credit:
What expectations would you have on a book of this type? What topics would you expect to see covered? I would be very anxious to hear. Feel free to contact me to make this guide more comprehensive. Any useful suggestions that are used will get you  a contributor credit in the book. 

Leave me a reply to this post or email
me at tripleadudeblogspot@gmail.com.  Use this email link here: Contact Me

Your email information is secure and will never be shared. So put a topic in the subject line and let me hear from you.

Bookmark us and s
tay tuned for some sneak peeks & free bonus content as we get closer to the release.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What's New This Month

Was at the bookstore and saw these two magazines which are now available.

Computer Music July 2017 Issue 244
Computer Music magazine does their annual roundup of the best freeware for the year. These issues are always good to have and don't forget that each issue of Computer Music comes with a DVD with free samples and access to CM Studio software.

Animation Artist July 2017
This issue covers the 12 principles of animation, behind the scenes on Kubo and Moana, tutorials on set design, keyframing , character design and more. 

For a sneak peek click here:


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PS - Have some important cool news for you audio folks in my next blog post. Stay Tuned.